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Beginner Rider

The Beginner Rider builds on the skills learned in Intro to Horsemanship and is the first introduction to work undersaddle.  Instructors will take each rider through our step by step program to build the skill, knowledge and confidence to move on to the Advanced Beginner Level.

  • Handling the horse on the ground.  Including haltering, leading, grooming, and safely moving around the horse.

  • Proper use and placement of tack.

  • Safely mounting and dismounting with assistance.

  • Holding the reins and proper use.

  • Performing balancing exercises for the rider at the halt, walk and trot.

  • Independently control the horse at the walk and trot, performing straight lines and simple turns.

Students who have completed Intro to Horsemanship or attended Basic Summer Camp should sign up for Beginner Under Saddle 1.

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