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Misty Run LLC Home Show

Requirements for Participating in our Home Shows

1.  Riders must participate in regular once a week lessons at Misty Run LLC

2. To sign up, click on the event you wish to participate in submit and pay for the classes you will compete in.

3. $25 Coaching fee 


1.  Misty Run riding shirt

2. Light colored riding breeches in either white or tan

3.  Paddock boots and half chaps or paddock boots with jodpur breeches and guarder straps, or tall boots.

4.  Properly fitted riding helmet

5.  Riding gloves

6.  Belt


1.  Dressage whip, or riding crop (riding crops are for hunter jumpers)

2.  Students are encouraged to have their own grooming supplies.  These can be accumulated over time ie: brushes, hoof picks, sprays, shampoos ect.

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