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Eventing Requirements

 Eventing is a combination of 3 different equestrian sports, riders are required to take a minimum of 1 dressage lesson and 1 jumping lesson per week and participate in cross country schooling when available.  

Riders are also strongly encouraged to practice ride on their own one other time during the week to build strength endurance and balance.

Here is what you will need


1.  Misty Run Show shirt

2.  White breeches

3.  Black gloves

4.  Properly fitted helmet

5.  Tall boots 

6.  Belt

7.  Hair net


1.  Misty Run Dressage Saddle Pad

2.  Jumping saddle pad

3.  Show Jumping boots

4.  Cross country boots

5.  Cross Country Vest

6.  5 point harness (proper size for your horse)


1.  Coaching fee $75 per day

2.  Trailering $2.00/Loaded mile

3.  Membership fees if applicable

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