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Local Show Requirements

Misty Run LLC participates in many local shows throughout the show season.  All planned outings are listed under events on our website.  Costs will vary for participation at each show due to the distance each venue is from the farm and trailering fees associated with travel to and from the show.   If you own your own trailer and choose to haul your horse your fee will be adjusted accordingly.   Communication with your coach is essential for a successful partnership.   It is imperative that you discuss your show entries with your coach prior to showing.  We are here to help!


1.  Students must participate in regular weekly lessons.  *Students wishing to compete in eventing must participate in a minimum of 2 weekly lessons to compete (one dressage lesson & one jumping lesson)*

2.  If you do not own your own horse or lease a horse we strongly recommend adding once a weekly day lease to your plan.  Saddle time is so important to developing your skills, strength and confidence.

3.  We also strongly recommend students take part in our horsemanship classes.  Horses most often act differently away from home.  Knowing how to properly and safely handle these situations will help you and your horse have a more positive and successful day at the show.

4.  Students showing are expected to bathe and groom their own horse on their own time prior to the show.  All horses are expected to be turned out properly prior to leaving the farm.  *

5.  Students showing are expected to clean and pack their own tack prior to departure.    *

6.  Students are expected to be present for loading and unloading their horse.  *

7.  After the show students are expected to return to the barn, clean the trailer and put away all their tack.  *

* Students under the age of 8 are not expected to perform certain requirements

8.  Parents are responsible for riders transportation to and from the show.



1.  White breeches for dressage, eventing and show jumping, tan breeches or jodpurs for hunters.

2. Misty Run show shirt

3. Paddock boots and half chaps, or paddock boots and guarders (if wearing jodpurs), or tall boots

4. Approved properly fitted show helmet 

5. black show gloves

6. Belt

7.  Hair net, or bows

8.  Show coat

9.  Show shirt

10.  Boys will also wear a tie

(Misty Run does have some show clothes available for rental)


1.  Dressage whip or riding crop

2.  Grooming supplies: Shampoo, Conditioner, fly spray, show sheen, hoof pick, hoof oil, tail brush, mane puller

3.  White saddle pad (size and type depends on whether you are competing in dressage, Hunters, or Jumpers)

4. pack of 4 standing bandages and 4 pillow wraps.

5.  Tack soap and conditioner and cleaning rags or spunges

6.  Boot cleaner

Other gear such as jumping boots will be discussed as needed.


1.  Coaching at the show $55

2.  Trailering $2.00/loaded mile

3.  Horse day lease $75 (This fee is waived if you already have a lease subscription)

4.  Entry Fees (vary per show)

5.  Local memberships (optional)


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