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IEA Requirments

IEA Team members are required to participate in one private lesson or one team group lesson per week.  They also must be students at Misty Run for a minimum or 6 months and or have a reference from a previous instructor.  

Here is what you need


1.  Team members must be members in good standing with IEA


1.  Dressage show coat

2.  Stock tie and pin or neck tie for men

3.  White Breeches

4. Tall boots

5.  Belt

6. Black Gloves

7.  Properly fitted show helmet

8.  White show shirt


1.  Dressage whip


1.  Membership fees due to IEA

2.  Team enrollment fee due to Misty Run 

3.  Entry Fees 

4.  Hotel costs and Travel

5.  Coaching $55/day 

6.  Coaches Travel and Hotel fees $45/day

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