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Advanced Rider

An Advanced Rider has riding experience and can perform all skills listed in the previous levels.    The Advanced Rider program addresses the following skills.

  • Work their mount in all three gaits performing smooth transitions.

  • Learning shoulder in, haunches in, half turn on the haunches, lengthening and shortening the stride.

  • Can adjust the horse's stride between jumps.

  • Is comfortable jumping an 8 jump course at 2' without stirrups.

  • Understands basic confirmation.

  • Can articulate the basic principles of jumping.

  • Can articulate the basic principles of the dressage training pyramid.

  • Understands basic first aide for the horse and normal vital signs.

  • Can set fences and knows how to identify correct striding.

  • Consistently completes a square halt, counter canter, simple change of lead and learning to perform a flying change of lead.

  • Knows how to properly fit tack to a horse and the purpose of different pieces of equipment.

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